Globalism = Anti-Semite

When asked in the impeachment hearings about whether or not she supported globalism, Fiona Hill, the head person in the National Security Council (NSC) for affairs in the Ukraine, stated:

To be against globalism is to be an anti-semite.

–Fiona Hill, Geo. Soros(?)

This is shocking, saying all Jews are globalists and therefore against the president, who is a nationalist. This is a little unsettling, suggesting the constellation of Jews as chairs in the House is intentional, as was all the people who testified regarding the Ukraine and impeachment. Are they there to take the president out, against all protocols, in nonconformity with the Constitution?

In the photo above we see Fiona’s plate with her napkin folded as a White rabbit. Like Alice, she is to follow the rabbit into Wonderland. Lewis Carroll never said what would happen if she didn’t.

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